Therapy for Minoritized Communities

We collaborate with minoritized communities on their healing journeys through depression, anxiety, trauma, and relationships.

People are minoritized (or made subordinate to a dominant group) based on race, gender, sexuality, ability, migration status, class, size, and age. Minoritized communities face a variety of life struggles that are often worsened by the challenge of accessing a therapist that they can feel comfortable with.

We use an eclectic approach grounded in an understanding of systemic oppression and in the inherent wisdom of community healing practices that shape many of today’s therapies.

our team

Ginny Dolores wears a pink shirt and a blue necklace against a pink and blue background.Ray Sanchez leans against a wood fence with a serene smile and a green shirt.
Ginny DoloresRay Sanchez
Stephanie Vantraci ishigo